Our Dog Training Philosophy


At Durham Dog Training we don’t just train, we educate the owner and the dog.
Creating an enriched learning environment that is built around the foundation of relationship first.
A dog that trusts and respects their owner will make eye contact, will work for food and will follow the leader.
A dog that has a balanced relationship with their owner will be motivated to learn and will be more engaged!


Dogs are pack animals and are driven to follow.
While living in a human world the relationship between dog and person can become unbalanced. This is where we see behaviours in dogs that we don’t especially love.
With our professional dog training we teach you how to take on the leadership role. This is so that your dog learns what the expectation is and how to navigate boundaries effectively.


We believe that dog training time is ALL the time, but that doesn’t mean it has to be accomplished separately from your lifestyle. We incorporate it, so that your dog’s routine flows with yours.
Consistency allows your dog to understand what is being asked of them and helps them develop neurological pathways for the new skill to stick!

This is where we see success-a confident
owner and a happy dog!