Training OPTIONS


4 weekly sessions for puppies 8-15 weeks of age

Congratulations, you have a new puppy!! Now how to train it…
We focus on relationship building techniques, to help your pup learn how to navigate their new world by trusting YOU!
In this package we work on promoting positive play, giving your words meaning, nutrition information, potty/crate assistance and how to build a predictable routine with your new furry family member.


6 weekly sessions for puppies 16-23 weeks of age

Whether you’ve taken the Puppy Package- Level 1 program, or you’re just starting out with your pup, this program will focus on relationship building, prep work for walking on leash, focus for commands, how to increase the length of duration and proper socialization.
This is the perfect time to work with your puppy!


6 weekly/bi-weekly training sessions for dogs older than 6 months of age

This program focuses on making positive choices, setting boundaries, building a predictable routine, enrichment games, leash skills and learning how to be the leader your dog needs!


6 weekly/bi-weekly sessions focused on leash training only

Learn how to teach your dog not only to walk with you, but LOOK at you for direction.
We start off with long line work in a quiet setting to allow you and your dog to focus on the skill of being together. Once this is accomplished we expand by adding environmental distractions and shortening the leash.
Our method allows everyone in the household to be able to learn how to walk the dog effectively and harmoniously.
We get you ready to go anywhere with your dog!


6 weekly/bi-weekly training sessions that are tailored specifically to your dog’s needs

This program is for dogs and clients that are stuck in a pattern/habit of reactivity.
Fear, anxiety, lack of enrichment and over stimulation can be some of the causes on why your dog is having BIG feelings around things in their environment.
We get to the root of the problem and slowly work on getting your dog to learn how to relax, how to become more confident and how to put their trust in you when uncertain situations arise.
*Some dogs may require additional sessions to this program, in order to reach their full potential*


3 weekly/bi-weekly sessions that focuses on a particular issue

This package is perfect for the dog owner that is content with their dog, but there might be a change to their environment (new pet/new person) and they need a little assistance.
If you are rescuing a dog and need a start up package this is a great place to begin as well.
We dive into watching for cues/body language, when to intervene and when to reward.


let’s chat about your dog

Sometimes we need a little peace of mind or advice. This one hour consultation does just that.
Write down your inquiries and let’s discuss what you need to know about training your dog.
Don’t worry about trying to remember every detail (as there can be a lot) I’ll send you a write up of my recommendations, links to videos and other information to help you implement everything we discussed.


send your dog off for the day to learn


This program is a great option for those dogs that need a change of environment to get them back on track or to give your new dog a great start.  The Day Train Program allows your dog to be emersed in a training program for 3 to 4 weeks.  

We work on set skills and behaviours during the day while you’re at work, and when your day is done you come and pick up your dog!

You are also provided with 4 sessions (one hour/ea.) at the end of each week, to learn how to implement the training techniques your dog has learned.

*These spaces go quickly! Reservations and a deposit are required to book*


outdoor & indoor sessions


Group classes are a great way to keep your dog engaged while others are in the same vicinity.

Our classes are held outdoors (during the summer and fall months) and indoors (local community hall) during the winter months.

We keep our class sizes small (4-5 dogs only) so that we can work with you during these lessons. This will keep you and your dog successful while learning new skills that will transfer at home.

For upcoming classes, please go to our Facebook/Instagram pages for information.  


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