Meghan is the dog whisperer of Durham Region! The moment she walked through our door for our initial consult, we were amazed at how well she interacted with our golden retriever puppy, Lewis.

As new dog owners, we were very uncertain about what to do to train a puppy. We watched many youtube videos and read several training books to prepare before getting a puppy, but it was still hard to tell how to practically apply any training methods, especially when some of the advice was conflicting. Meghan’s approach was customized to our dog’s personality and to our specific family needs. She immediately assessed Lewis and approached him in a way where the change we saw in him was instant.

We followed her lead and were able to easily apply what we learned after our sessions. After each meeting, Meghan would provide videos of what we went over as well as additional resources we could use. She made suggestions and provided specific training equipment needed for each session.

We have two young boys (ages 6 and 9), and Meghan focused specifically on training with them to make Lewis comfortable and welcome in our family.

Meghan gave us the proper tools and direction to address Lewis’ behaviour and tips to continue with the progress we made after our sessions were over. We look forward to continuing to work with Meghan in additional training sessions.

You can tell that Meghan has a passion for what she does and truly loves all dogs, but she made us feel like Lewis is a special dog who she really bonded, which is really what every dog parent hopes for!

-Jessica Ward


We just finished Meghan’s puppy training II course with our six month old beagle. I can’t recommend Meghan enough! We reached out to Meghan because our puppy was chewing up our furniture and carpet, was not progressing with potty training, was biting and completely unable to settle. After the first session, Meghan had provided all of the tools and information we needed to have a complete turnaround. From there, every week we saw tremendous improvement with Meghan’s guidance. Our beagle is now like a little robot! Meghan is professional, punctual, passionate, resourceful and responsive to all questions. She even sourced and provided all of the equipment we needed, as well as gave us a full diet recommendation, sleep schedule, grooming tips, and on and on. She is so gifted with dogs and very good at communicating instructions in a clear, friendly way. We were at our wits’ end with our puppy when we first saw Meghan… now we have a gentle, sweet, very well behaved dog who adds so much to our family. Thanks, Meghan!

-The Klawitter Family


She (Meghan) focused on what was important for me and the dog to be successful and live a
happy life in unison. Not only did she help me with specific training needs that suited
my dog, but she also cared so much for the health of my dog and always prioritized
that first. She focused specifically on what my dog needed and not just generic dog
training. Meghan was able to connect so well with my dog, which is a key asset as an

-Brendy Jeffers


We reached out to Meghan for help with some loose leash walking for our 5 year old puller. Chatting with Meghan made us realize that we had a bit more to work on than expected. After the first two weeks we had already seen major changes in our dog’s behaviour. By the end of the six weeks things had completely changed. Our dog was so much calmer and relaxed, and happy! We are so grateful for Meghan’s guidance, training, kindness and understanding. We wouldn’t have been able to get where we’re at with our pupper without her and the tools Meghan taught us.

Thank you so much Meghan, you’ve made a huge difference in our life!

-Jeannine Raymond


Meghan was fantastic to work with! She was knowledgeable, caring and understanding. As someone who has never owned a bigger dog breed before, I didn’t really know where to begin with training for our new pup. Meghan gave us the tools and strategies to get our growing boy under control! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a professional and easy to work with trainer.

-Laura Bois


Meghan is a natural! Her calm, patient and matter-of fact manner is a blessing for both dogs and owners. Oakley and I both loved working with Meghan and learned a lot!

-Tina Bryson


Meghan has been an absolute blessing! She is fabulous with both our chocolate lab puppy Lexi, and with the rest of the family. She is personable, professional and excellent at her job. We are not first time pet owners, and had experienced first hand, how difficult training in a large puppy class can be. We were looking, for something more focused on our girl alone.
We have been doing the private lessons with Meghan, and it has been so worth it! She customized the training to our specific needs, and Lexi’s personality, and is very accommodating. We noticed an immediate change in Lexi, even after the first lesson. She is already well on her way to being a very obedient and good mannered adult dog.

-Amber & Carlo Palmieri


Meghan helped our dog learn how to walk nicely and made a big difference! Highly recommend her training programs! She was even able to lay down next to a neighbours dog on a walk! So impressive!

-Robyn Sheppard


My husband and I can not recommend Meghan and Durham Dog training enough. Meghan helped us to understand and train our very determined / stubborn bulldog Harvey.

Thank you so much Meghan, you turned an otherwise stressful and very frustrating situation in to one, we feel ,we can handle whatever Harvey throws at us lol. Thank you for giving us the tools and Guidance. ( also knowing we can call you anytime with your once a client always a client policy 😉)

Many many thanks!

-The Mays